Thursday, December 18, 2008

err........ yea....

Sadly Fridays page required shots of Sera at the library. Considering the fact I couldn't leave the house (sick+I still can't drive. I know, I know. Trust me, I know.) I didn't get those pics. So hopefully I'll get them today, and the page will only be a day late! Sorry!

And for those with good eye sight, wondering what happened to the menu's. That's right! There's a new chibi Mineka begging for Mineka. Feel free to ignore her though, after the appalling job on keeping up with my updates, I don't deserve it.
I don't even have incentive stuff at the moment. How lame is that?!
I need to get stuff done. That's it, I'm going to hunker down and spend from now till the first doing nothing but DitLoaC stuff, even if I don't want to.

Friday, December 12, 2008


YOSH! A Ravyn Flamingo Christmas Carol is under way!
I apologize for the quality. It's going to look like it was put together by a four year old. I kid you not.
I'd blame my equitment, but truth is I'm just lazy. Yes, my camera is far and away not a pro piece. It's meant for point and click pics for amusement parks, conventions, and annoying family members at social functions. Not for any thing that's supposed to be mistaken for art work.
With that said, I apparently have no idea how to pace myself, and my 9 pages of filler has kinda exploded into something more like 20 (I haven't finished the story board yet)
So the comic will update EVERY SINGLE DAY until the story is done. Then I'll resume Yit/Lit DitLoaC story arc after new years.
Must finish current project so I can work on second one. Oye vay. This is what I get for falling behind on keeping the buffer up. I deserve this I guess.

In other news: I've got around seven pages of the Ryoten/Yitsana story done, or rather inked. So I'm working on it. So don't worry, you guys paid for it, it'll be up eventually.
I'll change the menu image in a bit to get rid of the text.
Alright! Enjoy the inanity of Seraphyn talking to random dolls and plushies.


I am so sorry I am putting you guys through this.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

December... special?

I had been a big drawing funk lately. Actually, it's Sera's fault. Since I got her, I've been spending all my creative energy on making her new clothes, and giving her face-ups (she's on face-up number three)
As a result, I was bad, and massively slacked. My buffer is now gone. Made obvious by Fridays.... page.
So, whilest this Mondays page is going to be the proper page, I have a pile of work to do (namely everything) to get a buffer back.
Sera has..... be "asked" to fill the void of comic pages she has brought about.
Since it's the holiday season, and thanks to Brigid's wonderful idea, I was thinking of doing a BJD "Night Before christmas" short story for the holidays. I'm thinking this'll give me enough time to get a buffer back, and it'd keep pages going.

I also promised I wouldn't miss any updates after my three month break awhile back. I'm begining to realise that was a very bad promise to make. But I try to keep my promises. Anyway, so if it's alright with you, I'd like to do that. It'll give you guys something to read, and it'll be in full colour, I think. Haven't exactly worked out what look I'll go with.

Alright, so, that's everything for the time being.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holiday stuff....

Two things on todays agenda to mention:
1. Thanks to a very nice person helping me out with shipping costs for holiday presents, the fifty dollar mark has been hit. So I'll be working on the 24 page full colour Yitsana/Ryoten comic later this week. I shall keep you all posted on it's progress.
2. Since alot of people from the doll community seemed to have wanted one:
I will be selling some Japanese paper doll bookmarks. They'll be three dollars a piece. I'll upload some pictures of them by monday and give full details in a new entry.

Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallows Eve!!

My all time favourite holiday, that's right even trumpts Yule in my book. I might love presents, but candy+dress up=win
Can't dress up for Yule.
So not really much to talk about in regards to DitLoaC, just wanted to say

In case anyone is curious the full colour Yitsana/Ryoten comic donation meter is at 15/50 I really should change the sign accordingly, but I just don't have the energy for it. I've been bad, I'm getting woefully behind in updating my buffer. I'm hoping something will kick me in the mood to get the ten or so pages I have half done on my Antec finished...... but I've been in that "I'm so bored, and there's nothing I WANT to do" type of moods. Most unpleasant.

I'll be quiet now, and yes, Ba'al is an ass. Gabriel pops into the comic next Monday! YAY! I love my psychotic little angels, they're so cute! In my opinion anyway.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

For a change of pace......

So far the donations for the full colour Yitsana/Ryoten comic is at 5/50 dollars.

In other news, I was contemplating making a bit of an artbook. Not sure why.
It would encompass misc. info, like full in-depth character profiles, series of colour pictures, and even a short piece of two unrelated to the current story arc.
I was wondering if there was any interest in this. Aka- would anyone actually spend any money to purchase it?
It'd be like the Windre comic, in you'd really only be paying to have the piece made.

If anyone has some suggestions on something that I could make that would encourage people to donate/buy, please let me know.

In other news: Farrah from Prince of Persia Sands of Time really needs braces. >_<

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Otakon is around the corner.....

I'm off to Otakon today,
So I thought I'd let everyone know what DitLoaCs presence there will be......
I shall be enjoying the con. My tentative cosplay schedule is:
Thurs: civillian gear
Fri: Gally from Battle Angel Alita Last Order (volume four cover)
Fri night: PJ female Kamui from X/1999
Sat: Kamui from Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations (yay for an exscuse to wear my vampire fangs!)
Sun: Civillian gear (jeans equal love.)
Mon: More civillan clothing

Sera will be dressed as Ayame Sohma fri, Hinto night gown fri night, Hinoto Saturday, and casual clothes all other days.

I shall be attending all the doll meets (provided I'm up in time), the Women in Webcomics panel on Friday night, Dub Actors After Dark, Embroidery workshop, the Gaia panel, Basic Flash Animation, and some various other panels.

Now, why I bothered posting this stuff at all? Because a friend said he would print out some flyers for DitLoaC that I could disperse through the con! They shall look like this (I think it's cute, for doing it in one night, I also think I'm getting good at doing jeans. But that's just me.. PS-Photobucket, you are to dang slow!):

PS- Take a vote. Who is your favourite character? Answer in the shout box. The winning character will get a personalized b/w pic done up of them!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Donation button works againb

So now if you scroll over mini-me, you'll notice yer cursor changes.
I got my doll, so I had shut it down, but left the pic up, as I couldn't think of anything to fill that spot on the menu. I guess it worked out for the best. I'll replace it with a cuter Mini-Mineka sometime in the week when I turn on my art computer.
But anyway, it's back up cause I'm going to work on the two DitLoaC projects, even if I'm the only one who ends up seeing them.
I'm actually gonna go curl up with my booklet and listen to Nightwish numerous times so I can get the timings down for the MV.
I did start on the storyboard for date comic, and all I have to say is: Yitsana.... you are the embodiement of all silly self-conscous girls everywhere. I do feel bad for her, her amazing wonderful date is gonna come off looking more like an episode from the Ghostbusters cartoon >_<

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Want to know....

So, Otakon is coming up, and I guess I'm the only one who reads DitLoaC who's going.
But, anyway. I was wondering:
I'm working on a full colour 24-page comic of Yitsana going on a date (can you guess who with?) as well as a ten minute music video (of sorts) of Yit and Lit visiting Sara's home in the country to Nightwish's song Beuty of the Beast.
I was wondering if people would be willing to donate to get these up on the site? If I can get fifty dollars in donations, I'll put the 24-page date comic up in the fanart pages (or put it in before/after the week of colours, and just have three-solid weeks of daily updates, up to you guys).
I'm still working on how much the video might be worth. But as opposed to the donation incentives last time I wanted money (I'm so greedy T_T), when I hit the quota, it'll be a present for all readers.

So what do you guys think? Should I work on both projects, or not even bother?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Because we promote our friends

My friend Kitty (no, that's not her real name) has just started her webcomic, it's called "Amateur Heroes", and is currently on page two. It has some.... less then happy language? in it. So it's T+ in my book at the moment. I'd think if yer old enough to get away with reading DitLoaC (in all it's Lit-raciness) you can likely read this.

I'll be putting a banner up on the links page when I get one.
As of right now, the pages are in grey-tones. Not to be confused with greyscale. Where as DitLoaC is grey scale (me and my love of screen tones >_<) her's seems like it's full colour and then she hit the greyscale button in adobe. For those who know what that means, go out and play, you spend to much time on your computer!

So, go and read it! I have no idea what it's about, it updates once a week, on Mondays, and is by a very kooky girl. We can all discuss it in the DitLoaC forums!...... if the forums ever gets more then three readers -_-

I'll be quiet now!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Otakon Aug. 8th-10th

Otakon is coming up at the beginning of August, and I didn't think I would be going. But due to circumstances, I now have the funds available to attend.
So for anyone interested, I will be at Otakon 2008 this year! Okay..... well, I still might NOT be, but 75% chance I WILL be there. I won't, of course, be in the artists alley. But I'll be around for anyone else who feels like getting a personal scetch or just chatting.
Just thought I'd drop you all a line. There's also an Otakon thread in the DitLoaC forums for anyone else who is planning on attending!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

For all those interested.....

Rememeber me pestering everyone about donations? About the doll?
Yea, SHE CAME TODAY!..... well, I guess techniquelly yesterday. I spent five hours doing her face-up (make-up, but because the dolls don't have 'faces' we call em face-ups) I'm still working on weaving her wig. It's a long pain in the arse project, for those familiar with latch hook rugs, that's how I'm making her wig. So I can style it any way I want without worrying about wefts showing.
Anyway, she has her own LJ account, Purple_Seraphyn for anyone who belongs to LJ and wants to add her (I'm such a dork. I freely admit this, however because of some of the shots involving painting her body. You MUST be 18 and over, and trust me I will have you prove it to me.)
For anyone curious as to what she looks like, these were the two uber quick pages I put together in regards to her box opening:
Page One
Page Two

and Here's two shots of her face so you can see what she looks like:
Shot One
Shot Two

I love her, but that's just me. Thank you everyone who helped me to add her to my house hold. She's going to get spoiled with lots of clothes (although making doll clothes is more annoying then human clothes, cause humans can squeeze into stuff... dolls can not. Nyarg.) And I promise to get back to work on DitLoaC so there won't be any gaps or delays in the comic! Wheee! I've almost story boarded to the end of chapter five....... I'll shut up now.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Happy Happy Happy

First off, the post below this is now void. I'm rather VERY happy that I don't have to part with any of my hard copies.
I'm having the weird senstation of wanting to cry and trying not to smile. I'm just so darn happy, and it's odd.
There is no way I can thank all the kind souls who donated to the doll fund since I started it, and especially the wonderul individual who donated the other day that sent me over the limit. I'm about to order her right now, and after the day I had yesterday, I can honestly say this is the best belated birthday present I've ever gotten.
Except maybe when I was eight and I got my Samantha American Girl doll....... >_< I seem to like dolls don't I?

I can not thank everyone enough, and I'm sorry that this has nothing to do with the comic. I'm just so happy. *starts to cry* Thank you everyone, thank you SO MUCH! This wouldn't have been possible without your kindness and help.

On a side note: I will be altering the map later today. Right now I am off to order my doll and pic out eyes for her. >_< *wipes eyes* Need to see the screen for that.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pages for Sale

So close, yet so far. I am twenty-ish dollars away (I'll be updating the map sometime tomorrow) from affording my doll. Not counting the fact I need to go and get some Testors Dullcote, eyes, and fibers for a wig for her...... anyway point is:
I'm selling pages. As in, what you see up above, minus the screen tones, word balloons and touch ups. I'm selling the original hard copies of pages for those who want them. Because I DO NOT want to part with them, they're going for five dollars a piece (trust me, I have no illusions of my drawing skills. So I know this is alot, but for me it's rather cheap)

I feel bad about offering these up for sale. I don't want to do it. So the second I get enough for my doll I'm no longer parting with any of them.
All hard copies will be shipped from me and signed and dated (if you want them as such) and shipped with card board protectors so they don't get bent in transit.
I'll shut up now.

If you're interested in buying the original line art for anything on the site, please send me an email. I will let you know if I still have (I'm fairly sure I still have everything except for the line art for the RYAN comics, as those are with their owner) them, and if you're still interested in buying them, I will instruct on payment/shipping details.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

There's a DitLoaC Forum

After, once again ignoring my duties of proper comicry (I'm such a bad artist T_T), I spent a good hour or so trying to make a decent forum, which can be found here:
I will be putting a link to it on the map above next time I have to alter it for a donation amount update. >_< Which should be in a week or so, when I have verified that someone isn't trying to swindle me. In the mean time, feel free to drop some suggestions, as of yet I haven't quite figured out how the silly subforum function works, but I'm working on it! At least it's purple..... I'm such a girl.

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Fan-Art piece

For anyone who cares: Red String is doing a fanart contest, and the theme is Fairy Tales. So I'm working on some pieces, in the hopes of winning something. >_< Greedy Mineka. Anyway, I just finished a piece based off of Little Red Riding Hood, it's in the fan-art section if anyone wants to see it.
And to fill up space, I'm going to recommend people watch the Avril Lavigne (I know, I know) music video "Girlfriend" as it oddly reminds me of what might happen between Yitsana and Litalra in a similar circumstance.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chapter Four is coming to an End!

So, I had come to the conclusion chapter four was getting waaaaaaaaay to long. I think it's going to beat out one (which was also way to long for my liking) in length. So to preserve my sanity, in that the silly chapter doesn't reach insane proportions. I decided to split it. What does this mean? You get an extra week of colour comics, of course. There's just one problem.
Where I chose to axe the chapter, is on a Monday. Before now the comic has happily (if accidentally once) fallen on a wednesday, so if leaves friday open for me to talk. But now it's on a Monday. The question I would like to pose to the audience is: What should I do with that single open day? Leave it blank? Put a random picture in there? I don't want to mess with the flow for those who read through the archives.
It's all up to you! Let me know what you would like, and I'll try to accomade you! Comments in the shoutbox or here are fine.

PS- My birthday is on the 14th. *nudge nudge and points towards chibi-Mineka above*.... subtle, ain't I?

Friday, May 2, 2008

New stuff on the fan-art page!

April 27th was Quinn, of GeekBlathers birthday. Kara, of GeekBlather, as a birthday present asked various people who had submitted fanart previously, if they would make something new for this important day in the life of Quinn. Of course, I said yes. Because..... I like drawing? Course in the "OMG! OMG! OMG! She wants ME to draw QUINN SOMETHING?! OMG OMG OMG!" that ensued, a silly story popped into my head. Which is what ended up coming out.
It's an eleven page partial colour short, of characters from GeekBlather throwing Quinn a surprise party, and the drama that enfolds when a D20 is found in her medicine cabinet. I do wonder how massively off I was in Quinns wardrobe and her apartment at large. But anyway. So, yea, that's in the fan-art section for those interested.
Also, thanks again to those who have donated, there is a list if incentives in the news history for those who are still contemplating seperating with some of their hard earned cash so I can buy a very expensive very...... ewwww burnt popcorn smell! >_< *cough cough* Why does Donald let MC make popcorn? She ALWAYS burns it, and I suffer, hot air rises and all that. Ick! But anyway, ..... very pretty doll from Angell Studio. I'm working on getting money to, so the sign will change as not only donations come in, but also as I get money myself. But I'm babbling! Enjoy the new fanart story!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Info on Donations

Now that the site has had it's over haul. Let me fill you in on the specifics of donations. Just click on the pic on the menu, and it'll send you to paypal. I didn't want to put mini-me all over the place, but the pic seemed rather empty without it. So I apologize, I didn't mean to make it look like I was forcing the issue, it just worked out that way. Righo, on to incentives:
5-10 dollars gets you a copy of the guinea pig story
10.01-25 dollars gets you a copy of the guinea pig story and a copy of windre
25.01-50 dollars gets you those two stories AND a copy of Kenji's Curse: An I'll Never Forget Special, which was written back in 02/03 and is a twenty page comic of how Litalra met Kenji/what happened so long ago.
50+ dollars gets you everything mentioned before and a selection of various pinups of Yitsana and Litalra. I currently have three set to go, and I'm working on some others.

Please feel free to offer me suggestions to sweeten the incentive pot, as it were. I REALLY want a BJD. Thank you everyone who takes the time to read the news, and anyone who has extra pennies lying about that they don't mind donating. I'll be quite now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's Coming

Few new things:
1. I'm finally feeling back to normal! After Anime Boston I was downed with the vile flu that's been going around. I've been better for I about 1.5 weeks, but have been imitating a slug to make sure I don't have a relapse.
2. The site will be getting totally re-vamped. Either next week or the week following. So be forewarned. Such things I plan to do is brand new map which will include a link to the DitLoaC store (YES! THERE IS a store! It was mentioned a while ago, but never linked. Cause I'm stoopid.), the shoutbox being moved along side the newsbox here, and a donation button which brings us to three....
3. There will be a donation button.... somewhere (still working on it) why? It's the "Buy Mineka a Doll Fund", I'm pathetic, I know. To avoid a lengthy summary, I'll simply say this: Been a fan of BJDs (ball jointed dolls) for more then four years. I am working on saving up the money by making seed bead jewelry and selling it, as well as doll clothing.
There will be incentives for donations in 5, 10 and 25 dollar increments. All digital, and various comics, all of which will be full colour (heck you're paying for something, might as well be coloured, right?)
Depending on the DitLoaC readership response will determine whether I'll keep the doll fund progress updated. Regardless, when I do get her I think I shall be tempted to do a short real-life/manga mesh story. That would be cute, wouldn't it?
Alright. Done jibbering, sorry for taking up so much of your time!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just so you know...

I wonder if it's really that difficult to scroll down a bit to check if there's new news....but anyway:
1. Since CG didn't update todays page in the fashion I am accustomed to (i.e.-by 12:15 the new page STILL isn't up.) I thought I'd mention there IS a DitLoaC mirror-ish site. So that if CG crashes, you can still get your DitLoaC fix, even if it doesn't have the same pretty purple layout (that's because DDs html coding makes no sense and doesn't seem to be inclined to alterations.)
2. In regards to Windre/Love and Life of a Guinea Pig, fear not. I might turn them to screentone grey and include those versions in with the finished DitLoaC book. I emphasise the MIGHT. It all depends on how I feel and how many side stories I end up doing for the book, whether or not I'll want to make it thicker by adding those two to it.
Anyway, that's all. Now to finish packing for AB.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Update

It's been over a month, and the tally is in: No Windre or Guinea pig stories. Kinda sad, that out of the supposed hundred readers I have...... only four of which chose to write me. Ah well.
This is more about that I will be at Anime Boston this year, not in the artists alley (which I would so love to do, but never have enough stuff), but I can generally be found in the masqurade photography suite if anyone wants to drop by. Righto, so I'll be around during that time, but not stalkerish around that I usally am when I'm at home. So if you're going to bash DitLoaC, next tuesday->tuesday is the best time to do it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'll make you a deal....

I'll make you all a deal. I have Windre sitting around, being pretty but not getting alot of attention.
Then I have The Love and Life of a Guinea Pig all done, except for dragging my english majour up to go through the comic and fix my many typos and grammerical errors that I didn't notice (see see, difference between me just randomly posting stuff like DitLoaC and actually expecting people to spend money on my work like Windre).
I will upload BOTH... hold on, my tamagothic is beeping at me, where was I? Oh, right, I will upload BOTH of the stories to the fanart section, if I get twenty, that's right TWENTY e-mails, from you, the readers! No, one of you can not just send me twenty little e-mails saying hello. Twenty different people, all asking for the comics, and why I should upload them.
According to my counter I've got at least a hundred individual readers, so assuming that's right, that means that only one in five has to send me an email requesting the comics.

Yes, yes, I can hear you all grumbling. But I was originally hoping that my work was liked enough to warrant people buying it. Since that's not the case, I can at least hope it's worth a few minutes out of your day to request the pages.

So that's the deal, take it or leave it!

Monday, January 28, 2008


In the earlier post, I mentioned I would try to get "bigger and better" pictures of the images in the products. Well, here they are!

Image on the FRONT & BACK of the sweatshirts:

Image on the notebook:

Image on the Messanger Bag (Lucy is casual, that was strange to draw):

DitLoaC items can be found here

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Dangers of browsing

It's dangerous to go browsing around a site. As a woman, I eventually find something "I have to have"
As my current laptop bag's main zipper broke, when I saw the messanger bag at cafepress, it was a long battle with "You're broke, and can sew. Fix the damn zipper yourself!" vs "But it's new, and I can blatantly walk around with DitLoaC advertising!"

Since, sadly, the bag only comes in yellow, I ended up doing a DitLoaC logo, with Lucy sitting on it. It's actually a really cute picture, in my opinion.
Along with my "drawing stuff for the purpose of putting it on stuff" I made three other pictures: Yitsana and Litalra holding hands, which was placed on the back of a sweatshirt (that I WOULD buy, if it cost less then thirty dollars. I'm broke, and as worn as my Naruto sweatshirt is, it's still in good condition, so I'll just mope over my laptop. I really rather like the picture. Yitsana reminds me of the 20's) and Litalra looking weird on a notebook cover. If anyone's curious, you can look at the stuff here:
At least take a look at the back of the sweatshirts, I am rather proud of it. I wish you could see the detailing I did on the bands of lit's skirt. I'll try to upload that picture later as well.

I talk to much.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I was just wondering.....

I expect chapter four to be rather long. With that said, I have a few questions to those of you who enjoy DitLoaC enough to read the news box.
I'm starting to work on preliminary ideas for a compilation book of the current DitLoaC story (as in, when the tale of Yit n Lit is all done, there'll be a hard copy in case anyone's interested.)
One of the things that was suggested, was I go back and redo all the pages that don't have the "current" speech balloon style. Other then that, full character profiles, and an extra twenty page short of what would happen if Yitsana was a magical girl story tossed in at the end.
I'm at a loss for what else to do to make the book more enticing. The book will be all b&w so I'm wondering if I shouldn't include the colour excerpts, for fear they might lose something when they go b&w. I was also going to redo all the chapter covers, so they'll span two pages.
But what else would you, the readers want in the book?
Also, should I have one version that's just esentially a hard copy of the ones up, and then another of the aforementioned "fancy" version mentioned above?

Any feed back would be great! Sorry for always having such long news box thingies!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Jan 11th

Panel one reminds me of Star Trek First Contact, and Ryo was infinitly to trusting.
I like Rez's eyes, but nothing else. Hehe. Fangs are fun.

So now you know a little bit more about Rezen and Ryoten. One went on to be a general in Hell's Army (in charge of internet/computer division), and the other is on his way to being an Arch Angel. *shakes head*

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jan 10th

Ryoten, you look like a girl. He just needs a vase of roses tossed on him and he could be in his own shoujo series.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Windre is out!

I just got the mail, and guess what was in it?! The first copy of The Curse of Windre, a Fairy Tale of Sorts! After going through it, I was relieved to find that I wouldn't have to go back and fix anything (which made me happy on two counts 1. Cause I'm lazy, and 2. Because it was bloody expensive, especially considering how broke I am!) So since the comic is good to go. Here's the link in case anyone was interested in getting a copy. I apologize for the price. I think it's ridiculous as well. But other then the fact that you get the comic, it comes wrapped in a styrofoam sleeve, shrinkwrapped to a piece of cardboard. So it's in uber mint condition, right off the press!
My biggest fear was that the pages would end up being printed like the sample pages, considering how terrible they looked, I spent the ensuing five days worrying. But, nope, it looks like it did on the screen, cept on paper. So it's all good. I hope some of you will order the story, and if you do, let me know what you think. Thank you!
OH! Right, link link.... *digs around the net* Here ya go!:

That SHOULD be correct.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Jan 9th

I HATE panel two. I hate the shape of his head, the way the eye came out. *stabbies panel two*

Jan 8th

Okay, three things:
1. I reeeeeeeeeally need to stop being lazy and do real backgrounds. It is my biggest
problem. I am trying to work on this. >.< I hate that my art teachers where right, realistic drawin becomes important later on. Dammit.
2. I really kinda like the shading on everyones hair. I was rather worried, that what with Ryo's black hair, and Rez's black tips, that some of the detail would be lost in the all-black boundries. But it didn't, so I'm happy.
3. ..... Any realtion that Rez's apperance has to the Joker from Batman was really accidental. I didn't realise how similar they looked, until I was shading his tongue. See, a bit about Rezen
is that he and Ryo used to twins. Both with black hair and blue eyes, but since he's embraced darkness, his humanity has been slowely leached away. Green has always been associated with poison in my world, so as his new hair grows in it's tainted, hence why his roots are green, and the tips black.
You can also see it in his pale, slightly greenish skin. The purple robe, well, that's because Rez is a warlock, and the Dreadmist outfit in World of Warcraft is mostly purple.... so, I made his robe purple, and that is why Rez accidentlly looks like the Joker.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jan 7th,

First I want to thank the numerous people who helped me to get the proper titles for cardinals. I hope I managed to remember them correctly from email inbox/blogger comments to my art computer correctly. Now let's hope I managed to do a passable job on the Cardinals outfit!
Why yes, that IS the same Ryoten that later is weilding a sword outside Yitsana/Litalra's apartment. Enjoy this whole week of actually being able to see his eyes! It's back to covering them up with his baseball cap for chapter four!
I'm kinda happy with how Ryo's armour came out. Happy in that I went in with
having NO idea how to come even remotely close to colouring it so it'd actually
look like armour, and not grey cloth. Unhappy because, well, there should be alot
more armour. And a helmet.

Iseriad- Binders are devices built for the suppression of something. Binders are essentially a deamonic centipeded that's kept inside a 2.5 inch metal spike (like a shorter version of the ones used in rail roads). The ends, of the binders housing, are stamped with various runes so that deamons know what each binder does. The symbol on Litalra's binder is for war. Now, they normally are put into the heart or head, depending on what they're supposed to do. They can of course be put anywhere.
When the spike is put into the body, the body heat breaks the seal, and the spike opens like a flower, allowing the binder, which is permanently attached to the spike, is given free reign. In the case of the war binder, it makes war on her heart, since that's where it's kept. Eating away at the positive emotions in her, which has the added benefit of keeping Lit's other half asleep.
When the Binder finally wears out/dies. The spike is pulled out. They wait a day for the wound to heal a bit, and then insert a new one. They allow the original would to heal, to allow for a snugger fit for the new one. The process starts over again.
They're really nasty things, and can be used for nearly anything. They can even be used on humans, except when the binder dies, so does the human. Though not really a problem since most binders live a minimum of 250 years.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

In addition:

In case anyone cares. In addition to the babbling in the picture above, I had the great urge to play with my new camera phone, and proceeded to take some pictures of volumes 1, 2, and 3 of the Yami no Matsue tonkubons(sp?) as well as th YnM Sketch book.
These are the two pictures I refer to above:
Published picture-here
Sketchbook picture-here

I suppose you lose something in the picture, but I refuse to bend my books enough to scan them, so sorry.

The following are simply an assortment of pictures from the afore mentioned volumes (I do have the entire set, but I don't like her later drawing style nearly as much as I like the first five volumes. The later, though better layouts, just don't have those soft curves and emotional eyes.)
Sketchbook Hisoka
Muraki looking cool/creepy
Kid from second (anime) story Arch, playing the Devil's Trill, this is the scene where one of the violin wires broke. It is because of this scene that I get paranoid when I tune my violin.
Muraki again

Next time I'l use my digital camera, and not my camera phone. *grins* not that I'll do this again. I just wanted an exscuse to play with my new phone. Ah I'm two years old.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Part One:
So that ends chapter three. For those of you wondering whose hand that might be, I direct your attention to the letter in the background, advise you to read it, then make your way over to the caracter bios.

Part Two:
Windre has been sent off to a printer. I'm hoping for a copy of the work within the next pair of weeks. Assuming that all is as it should be, and I don't have to alter anything to avoid words and pictures missing. I hope to have a link up for the comic by the end of the month in case anyone who like a copy. I really did like working on this piece. I just hope others will enjoy it as well.

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