Friday, April 25, 2008

Info on Donations

Now that the site has had it's over haul. Let me fill you in on the specifics of donations. Just click on the pic on the menu, and it'll send you to paypal. I didn't want to put mini-me all over the place, but the pic seemed rather empty without it. So I apologize, I didn't mean to make it look like I was forcing the issue, it just worked out that way. Righo, on to incentives:
5-10 dollars gets you a copy of the guinea pig story
10.01-25 dollars gets you a copy of the guinea pig story and a copy of windre
25.01-50 dollars gets you those two stories AND a copy of Kenji's Curse: An I'll Never Forget Special, which was written back in 02/03 and is a twenty page comic of how Litalra met Kenji/what happened so long ago.
50+ dollars gets you everything mentioned before and a selection of various pinups of Yitsana and Litalra. I currently have three set to go, and I'm working on some others.

Please feel free to offer me suggestions to sweeten the incentive pot, as it were. I REALLY want a BJD. Thank you everyone who takes the time to read the news, and anyone who has extra pennies lying about that they don't mind donating. I'll be quite now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's Coming

Few new things:
1. I'm finally feeling back to normal! After Anime Boston I was downed with the vile flu that's been going around. I've been better for I about 1.5 weeks, but have been imitating a slug to make sure I don't have a relapse.
2. The site will be getting totally re-vamped. Either next week or the week following. So be forewarned. Such things I plan to do is brand new map which will include a link to the DitLoaC store (YES! THERE IS a store! It was mentioned a while ago, but never linked. Cause I'm stoopid.), the shoutbox being moved along side the newsbox here, and a donation button which brings us to three....
3. There will be a donation button.... somewhere (still working on it) why? It's the "Buy Mineka a Doll Fund", I'm pathetic, I know. To avoid a lengthy summary, I'll simply say this: Been a fan of BJDs (ball jointed dolls) for more then four years. I am working on saving up the money by making seed bead jewelry and selling it, as well as doll clothing.
There will be incentives for donations in 5, 10 and 25 dollar increments. All digital, and various comics, all of which will be full colour (heck you're paying for something, might as well be coloured, right?)
Depending on the DitLoaC readership response will determine whether I'll keep the doll fund progress updated. Regardless, when I do get her I think I shall be tempted to do a short real-life/manga mesh story. That would be cute, wouldn't it?
Alright. Done jibbering, sorry for taking up so much of your time!

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