Sunday, December 23, 2007

Todays comic explained

I thought it might be prudent to explain the images in todays comic.

The left image shows Litalra in, what I deemed to be a pre-French revolution court dress. I'd just like to point out, there were MANY varying causes that eventually lead to the French revolution. Most infulential of course were the poor Harvest due to the weather, and the continual taxation as the French monarchy had massive war debts to pay. On top of which they were trying to start another war. Interestingly enough, Marie Antoinettes role in bringing about the revolution was very small, as she had next to no say in any goverment affairs, as Louis advisors kept saying not to listen to her for she had sympathies outside of the French, as well most of the ladies of the court wanted little to do with her.
So when Lit says that she "helped" bring about the revolution, her role was mainly that of a mistress to various members of importance and manipulating them into spending money, and taxing certain classes that would eventually lead to outrage.

The center picture is in reference to Emperor Publius Licinius Valerianus, who ruled Rome from 253-260. "Sometime towards the end of 259, or at the beginning of 260, Valerian was defeated in the Battle of Edessa and taken prisoner by the Persians, making him the only Roman Emperor taken captive. According to the Augustan Histories, Valerian's capture was effected by treachery; the Persians agreed to meet with him, then seized him when they met."[quoted from wikipedia] Lit's supposed role, was co-conspiring with the Persians to bring them Valerianus. Valerianus is said to have been killed by having molten gold poured down his throat.

Finally, the right most picture is supposed to picture Litalra in 1517England, having manipulared Dr. Beal into giving his rousing speech on the Easter Tuesday at Saint Paul's Cross. Two weeks later the impact of his words would effect people and lead to what is called the Evil May Day Massacre, no one died in the riot, but later thirteen of said rioters were found guilty of treason and beheaded.

So those were some infamous events in history to which Litalra is attached to.
She's a real peach, ain't she?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tis the Season.....

I promised I wouldn't skip any updates just to put up filler pages because of my recent two-three month hiatus. But since it's Yule/Christmas season, I felt weird not doing SOMETHING. So here's my little present to my readers:

And a four sample pages from Windre!
Sample One (cover) Sample Two(pg 02)
Sample three (pg 06) Sample Four (pg 14)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Just a random ramble.

So, a few things.
Thank you everyone who was kind enough to give me advice on the proper address of a cardinal. As a pseudo thank you, here's a few hints for what chapter threes week of colour pages is going to be about:
1. Good vs. Evil
2. Brothers
3. The letter "R"

Also, Yitsana in panel two of Mondays comic? Yea. Lack of shading intentional. I did not get lazy. All that white was supposed to represent "SHOCK!" but sometimes I think little touches like that go right over peoples heads. (Seriously, there were three massive hints that Yitsana wasn't an angel well before Lit figured it out.)

In other news, I was a very bad girl this week. I had a massive case of writers block, and I got sidetracked by pretty colours as I worked on a fairy tale, of sorts; called The Curse of Windre. I WAS supposed to work on fanart for certain people, and finish up the second secret Santa stuff.
No, it's not up in the fanart section, so don't bother looking. I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. It's really nice. Am I allowed to say that? It's filled with colours, and a decent amount of REAL back grounds! And blood, and insanity. We like those. >.< I'm writing this way to late at night, or early in the morning, which ever you prefer.

So the question becomes what the heck do I do? ...... I think this ramble is so much better suited for my personal LJ rather then the DitLoaC news journal......
Meh, it's all comic stuff.
I'm actually thinking of taking it and getting it printed and offering it up to anyone who wants to get a copy.
It's a short story, only 19 pages long. Full colour, and it's a complete narrative story (in which other then the three pages with the narrator on them, there's no speech bubbles.) about a princess who eventually finds that love is the key to real freedom.
That and it does a fantastic job of showcasing just how little I think of princes. (kinda along the lines of the prince from "Enchanted", truly useless creatures.)

And I thought I'd just add this in, since I found it highly amusing at the time (considering it was probably three in the morning, everything was amusing.) I had to put in a sunset on one page. Easy, gradiant some orange and redish-pink, put in some fades of yellow, a spot of red, bleed it through the trees, done.
Next page I had to do a sunrise. I was stuck there for five minutes trying to think of what on Earth a sun rise looked like. I had been so long since I'd been awake to see one, I just thought it was funny. You all likely think I'm crazy. *grins* Okay, I be quiet now.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I hate to say it....

I hate to say it, since it breaks my image of trying to be modest.
But I really like how Wednesdays comic came out (posting this a bit early, so I don't forget.) I mean, I really didn't have to do any tweaking to it. The abscense of colour in most of the page is intentional, mainly because I thought colouring in Litalra would detract from the image.
For the first time, I feel as if I managed to draw a page that holds true to the manga look I'm trying to get. I really do love this page.

On another note: Does anyone know another name Cardinals in the clergy go by? You know how Kings/Quenns will also be called "You highness" or the Pope "His Holiness" Do Cardinals have that as well, or is it always just "Cardinal Bob" ? Just asking. Anyone who can clear this up for me, you get a hug.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Update to the archives....

Following in the trend of re-uploading comics that were taken off the site initally, I've returned the week of colour pages to the archive, the ones that followed after chapter one finished.
Now all those new to the comic can read them, and be just as flustered as all the rest of us were.

I really like how the colours for Chapter Three's end came out. Makes me wish January would hurry up and get here so I could get everyone elses opinion of them.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just FYI:

I've re-installed the two RYAN comics to the misc art section, so we're all one happy same-artist family again. If you haven't read them yet, you should. They're amusing, if I do say so myself, and FULL COLOUR! YAAAY! Also for some wonky reason I never uploaded issue two to the seperate site. Oh well.
Oh, and Happy Mass-Turkycide Holiday!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Date confirmed

Updates will start back up again, in the traditional three days a week fashion, on October 29th. There will be no All Hallows Eve page, so the 31st will be the first new comic. Since the 29th will be the chapter three cover page that was accidentally uploaded as opposed to the fifth colour page. Oops. So set your calander! DitLoaC is coming back! And now I'm going to bed since I just did 13 pages over the course of four days. My hands hurt, and my eyes are fuzzy.
Also the character bio section should be updated, and cleaned up before Monday, with new pictures!

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's coming....

No, seriously. This time I'm serious.
I'll be returning to the original three-days a week update schedule by the first week of November. I would love to get it started by the end of October, but I want to get a nice healthy buffer set up whilest I still can.
All of those who wished to be notified, I will do my best to fulfill your request, even though I'm a little unsure ow to go about snagging email addresses from the blog comments.
It's because of all of you guys that it came back. Thank you reading, and not wanting it to end. I love exach and everyone one of my readers, you're all very special. Thank you.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

So you may have noticed

What the hell is that comic doing on DitLoaC would likely be your first question, followed quickly by why does that look so familiar.
Well, I'll get to the first in a moment, it might look familiar because I blatantly swiped the CAD (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) layout. Why? It's a good layout, it's simple, but pretty, and suits DitLoaCs next phase.
Now, with that said, what is it doing up on DitLoaC? I don't, at present, have the time to work on DitLoaC as I have. Which is to say, I can't draw the pages, then tweak them on the computer. It's very time consuming when you have studying and a job both competeing for your time. However, I love comics and I find that my life is rather colourless if I'm not at least working on a comic of some sorts. Which is why I'll be using this layout for a bit. I promise in some form or other I WILL finish the original DitLoaC comic.
But as it stands I can't work on it and get the updates done on time, so the hiatus on the original DitLoaC is still on, in the mean time, please look foreward to meeting Jack (the girl with the sign), Leena (a blonde with a pet duck), and Kira (a goth who wants to kill everyone who has a cape-wearing hamster). No gurantees when this stage will officially start, I've still got alot of prep work to do, but be assured I will give you something weird to look at occassionally. In the mean time: Anyone who can tell me what this comic is based off of gets points (hint: There ARE two answers, either one is acceptable.)
Right, that's all for now........ man I REALLY should get rid of that other shoutbox on the comments page, shouldn't I?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Encroaching Hiatus.....

I'm not sure how many of you read this section of the site on any kind of basis.... but for those of you who do:
I'm here to inform you of DitLoaCs upcoming hiatus. After chapter two comes to a close, and after the week long colour updates, I'll be putting DitLoaC on a hiatus of indeterminate length...... it's likely going to be very long.
I've done a few pages into chapter three, but deemed it better to leave it on a chapter ending then in the beginning of a new chapter. It's just not nice.
I hope to pick this up soon, but that'll only happen if I get the job I'm currently aiming for. But I digress.
I wanted to apologize to all of those who read DitLoaC for this abrupt end, and also to thank those who've read the comic as it came about. It has been a joy and a pleasure to work on it, and I sincerely hope this is only temporary.
If anyone would like to be emailed if DitLoaC starts back up again please leace a note here or in my email and I'll be sure to contact you if/when DitLoaC picks back up. In the event that DitLoaC DOES come to a permanent end, I will send you all a summary of the rest of the story from the end of Chapter Two.

Thank you, everyone, truly. For your support, good wishes, and most importantly: for enjoying the story enough to read it.

Monday, May 21, 2007


In new DitLoaC news, the archive has been cleaned. I was kinda depressed no one opted to save Lit's dream sequence. Oh well.
I just wanted to bring attention to the new way of doing eyes. If you go to the timeline, and look at some of the FOR b&w pages, you'll notice that I used to do this. It makes me very happy, with the aide of my new quill pens (well, not so new now), and a trick in adobe, that I can once again put that kind of detail into the eyes.
I hope you all enjoy it, since it secretly makes me happy. Not to mention, brings a bit more life to the characters. Evidently I also learned how to add details to my jeans. This page truly is, a stepping stone, at least to me.
*smiles* Thank you for reading this!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I've made a pause in my cosplay to sit in front of my computer, and I'm finally going to take the advice I was offerend. Next Saturday (the 19th) I'll be cleaning out the archive. Which means, any and all comics that aren't part of the story (i.e.-the first three comics, and all Saturday pages.) will be tossed. If there are any comics that'll be getting tossed, that you think should be saved and put into the misc. art section of the site; please let me know so I don't heedlessly toss something others found amusing.

Also, I've noticed my shoutbox has been on the fritz more often then I'd like. So ther SHOULD be a new model/version up there in the next couple of days. So that you're not wondering whether you'll be able to post yer thoughts today or not.

In regards to the comics that are going to be axed: Please, give exact dates (it'll be those six numbers at the end of the address), and you can post them either here, or hopefully in the SB as well. All comics with precise dates will be saved. But I won't be saving all of em. It's up to you guys to tell me which ones are worth saving from the trash bin, and which aren't.

Friday, April 27, 2007


*claps hands togethers and bows* GOMEN NASAI!!!!
I'm gonna axe the Saturday strips for awhile. Why?
Well this weeks isn't up because I felt dreadful all week, and I'm just not getting back to normal. So the idea of doing anything besides sleep really didn't appeal to me.
I also have a massive project to do for Otakon (late July). Judgement from World of Warcraft?
Yea, I need to make that. So, worrying about what day of the week it is, and drawing silly compolsury strips for Saturday isn't gonna be high on my list. Especially once I slip into cosplay mode, it's bad to get me out, since then I'll slack off again.
Right. So, Saturdays strips will be on hiatus till further notice, I apologize. But hey, the general story will still be going 3 days a week, that's something, right?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Contest Ends

Yea, I totally didn't have access to the net for most of the con, sorry you had to wait.
The winner is DarkyBoy, for their guess of 250, which was the closest to the actual number on 269.
DarkyBoy, you are in charge of getting your info to me so I can send out your prize.

If anyone is interested in my 2007 AB experience, I'll be doing a con report and posting it to my LJ probably in the next few days.
I'd say more, but there isn't anything left that I can think of, other then I lost my cell phone and that is a sad thing.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Just to let you know.....

Current guesses for the contest are:

100, 101, 102, 123, 250, 321, 335, 412, 420, 550, 666, 681, 724, 730, 747, 840, 900, 905

If anyone cares, so far Darkyboy, you've guessed the closest.

Also, I'm gonna be away from my computer from now till, likely the 24th (at the earliest). There'll still be an update next Saturday (because I did it last night, and barring any issues, it shall likely be as true then as I'm expecting it to be.)
I'll be playing musical crash-space, with my itinerary as follows: Albany->Orange County, NY->NYC->Boston->Orange->Back home. Geh.
I will confirm who the winner is when I get back after AB.
Hopefully, when AB is over after my mad card handing-out-skillz, we'll have some new people in the SB, and maybe at some point enough people to warrant getting a forum useful! *droops* But then I'd have to change the map images. GEH!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Is anyone out there?

Let's see if anyone reads this. I have a deviantart account, I update it once every 5000 years or so, when the moon does shine and the wind doth blow, so you've got awhile. Anyway, it has a few trinkets in it, like the full picture that was cut down for DitLoaCs original web maps; and sneak peaks at the five arch angels.
This is a test to see if anyone actually reads this portion of the site. We now return you to your regular scheduled web browsing.
Deviant Art meets DitLoaC?

Thursday, April 5, 2007


Numbers Guessed already:

123, 250, 321, 420, 550, 666, 724, 747, 840, 900

Don't forget to go back and read all the pages that have suddenly appeared! CG is feeling better, and Mon-Thurs pages are all up!

Copy and pasted from the shoutbox:
So because of the server is ruinging this week. I've made something fun for all those who visit the shoutbox. A CONTEST!Up until the start of Anime Boston (that's the 20th for those not going), I'll run a little game. I'm thinking of a number between 100 and 1000 (don't worry, I wrote it down. So I won't forget, and it won't change). Everyone get's one guess a day (and I'll be checking dates!) anyone who guesses the exact number automatically wins, and the contest ends. If no one has guessed the exact number by the 20th, then the closest person will win.What's the prize? Nothing that great, but it's a full colour print of Yitsana with bunny ears/tail hopping on Kitty-Litalra's shoulders; signed and dated.
There'll be a mini-non BG version of this pic on the DitLoaC cards I'll be handing out at AB.
The person who wins will be in charge of contacting me with their address and I will send it out before my birthday in mid May.

If anyone would like to BUY a print, after the contest, they'll be 4 dollars. I'll send a non-touched up line art if anyone is interested.

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