Thursday, December 18, 2008

err........ yea....

Sadly Fridays page required shots of Sera at the library. Considering the fact I couldn't leave the house (sick+I still can't drive. I know, I know. Trust me, I know.) I didn't get those pics. So hopefully I'll get them today, and the page will only be a day late! Sorry!

And for those with good eye sight, wondering what happened to the menu's. That's right! There's a new chibi Mineka begging for Mineka. Feel free to ignore her though, after the appalling job on keeping up with my updates, I don't deserve it.
I don't even have incentive stuff at the moment. How lame is that?!
I need to get stuff done. That's it, I'm going to hunker down and spend from now till the first doing nothing but DitLoaC stuff, even if I don't want to.

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