Saturday, August 2, 2008

Otakon is around the corner.....

I'm off to Otakon today,
So I thought I'd let everyone know what DitLoaCs presence there will be......
I shall be enjoying the con. My tentative cosplay schedule is:
Thurs: civillian gear
Fri: Gally from Battle Angel Alita Last Order (volume four cover)
Fri night: PJ female Kamui from X/1999
Sat: Kamui from Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations (yay for an exscuse to wear my vampire fangs!)
Sun: Civillian gear (jeans equal love.)
Mon: More civillan clothing

Sera will be dressed as Ayame Sohma fri, Hinto night gown fri night, Hinoto Saturday, and casual clothes all other days.

I shall be attending all the doll meets (provided I'm up in time), the Women in Webcomics panel on Friday night, Dub Actors After Dark, Embroidery workshop, the Gaia panel, Basic Flash Animation, and some various other panels.

Now, why I bothered posting this stuff at all? Because a friend said he would print out some flyers for DitLoaC that I could disperse through the con! They shall look like this (I think it's cute, for doing it in one night, I also think I'm getting good at doing jeans. But that's just me.. PS-Photobucket, you are to dang slow!):

PS- Take a vote. Who is your favourite character? Answer in the shout box. The winning character will get a personalized b/w pic done up of them!

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