Friday, January 16, 2009

Finale News

A few people have been wondering what will happen to DitLoaC when this chapter finishes, so I'll fill you in with the projected idea.
DitLoaC, as you know stands for Day in the Life of a Cosplayer. As you might've noticed there's been little cosplay in this comic, that's not going to change.
DitLoaC, the title, more applies to me. In that as the comic comes out, it's under the "working title" of DitLoaC, but when it is finished, it'll get it's "release title".
The title of the current story arc is in fact UP/||/down (trust me, the arrows look alot cooler when they're drawn). Which is what it'll be released, when I finish prepping past pages and finally get either my mom or my friend Mel to run a thorough grammer and spell check for me, in book form as (with extra short stories of Yitsana, the vampires, and maybe Lit).
So when UPdown finishes, there'll be a few changes.

First: I WILL do the 24 page colour work. I'm still slowely working on it. But I promised, so that'll go up when it's done. (and like all full colours, it'll be updated M-F till it's done.)
Second: The update schedule will likely change to once a week, to accomodate the fact that I expect to have an appalling lack of free time when I get a real full time job.
Third: It'll be a different story.
-I'll be trying a different drawing style
-Completely new characters
-Hopefully a different TYPE of story

So here is where I ask YOU guys what you want to read. Let's try the CAD style. Read the summaries below, and send an email with JUST the word in bold to my email. The one with the most votes wins. Voting ends, let's say Feb 20th?

Story One, to vote for this send the word MIRROR
In a world filled with science, there is an unexplained phenominon known as "The Mirror", anyone who crosses through it is never seen again. Yamanobes' parents where researches, and part of an expidition that went to the other side of the mirror ten years ago, and left her orphaned. On the tenth anniversary of thier disapperance, Yamanobe decides to take her chances and go to the other side in search of them.

Story Two, to vote for this send the word PEACH
Mika, a eight year old girl, makes a big mistake when she takes a bite out of an under ripe peach. Thanks to the help of a drunk fairy, she's now haunted by the ghost of that peach. Having the ghost of a piece of fruit always hovering around you isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when the new student in her class is a wizard, and has determined that she's a necromancer.

Story Three, to vote for this send the word STAR
When the guardian witch of peoples dreams slips through a portal and into the lap of one of the few people who actually wants to kill her, she has to convince him that the king who wants her head is just mad. The kings wish to have a son to succeed him never came true, so the knight who brings the witch who over-see's peoples dreams head on a platter will be named as his successor.

I know I really should but I'll Never Forget up here as an option, as that's the prequel of Kenji's story. Where he was, and meeting Jeremy, whose in a similar situation as himself. But the meeting of Litalra plays out differently in that story, not to mention I'm still working on the specifics (aka-I have NO IDEA where it's going) but I figure the three choices above are good.
Please send all votes to, otherwise they won't count!

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