Thursday, December 18, 2008

err........ yea....

Sadly Fridays page required shots of Sera at the library. Considering the fact I couldn't leave the house (sick+I still can't drive. I know, I know. Trust me, I know.) I didn't get those pics. So hopefully I'll get them today, and the page will only be a day late! Sorry!

And for those with good eye sight, wondering what happened to the menu's. That's right! There's a new chibi Mineka begging for Mineka. Feel free to ignore her though, after the appalling job on keeping up with my updates, I don't deserve it.
I don't even have incentive stuff at the moment. How lame is that?!
I need to get stuff done. That's it, I'm going to hunker down and spend from now till the first doing nothing but DitLoaC stuff, even if I don't want to.

Friday, December 12, 2008


YOSH! A Ravyn Flamingo Christmas Carol is under way!
I apologize for the quality. It's going to look like it was put together by a four year old. I kid you not.
I'd blame my equitment, but truth is I'm just lazy. Yes, my camera is far and away not a pro piece. It's meant for point and click pics for amusement parks, conventions, and annoying family members at social functions. Not for any thing that's supposed to be mistaken for art work.
With that said, I apparently have no idea how to pace myself, and my 9 pages of filler has kinda exploded into something more like 20 (I haven't finished the story board yet)
So the comic will update EVERY SINGLE DAY until the story is done. Then I'll resume Yit/Lit DitLoaC story arc after new years.
Must finish current project so I can work on second one. Oye vay. This is what I get for falling behind on keeping the buffer up. I deserve this I guess.

In other news: I've got around seven pages of the Ryoten/Yitsana story done, or rather inked. So I'm working on it. So don't worry, you guys paid for it, it'll be up eventually.
I'll change the menu image in a bit to get rid of the text.
Alright! Enjoy the inanity of Seraphyn talking to random dolls and plushies.


I am so sorry I am putting you guys through this.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

December... special?

I had been a big drawing funk lately. Actually, it's Sera's fault. Since I got her, I've been spending all my creative energy on making her new clothes, and giving her face-ups (she's on face-up number three)
As a result, I was bad, and massively slacked. My buffer is now gone. Made obvious by Fridays.... page.
So, whilest this Mondays page is going to be the proper page, I have a pile of work to do (namely everything) to get a buffer back.
Sera has..... be "asked" to fill the void of comic pages she has brought about.
Since it's the holiday season, and thanks to Brigid's wonderful idea, I was thinking of doing a BJD "Night Before christmas" short story for the holidays. I'm thinking this'll give me enough time to get a buffer back, and it'd keep pages going.

I also promised I wouldn't miss any updates after my three month break awhile back. I'm begining to realise that was a very bad promise to make. But I try to keep my promises. Anyway, so if it's alright with you, I'd like to do that. It'll give you guys something to read, and it'll be in full colour, I think. Haven't exactly worked out what look I'll go with.

Alright, so, that's everything for the time being.

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