Friday, October 19, 2007

Date confirmed

Updates will start back up again, in the traditional three days a week fashion, on October 29th. There will be no All Hallows Eve page, so the 31st will be the first new comic. Since the 29th will be the chapter three cover page that was accidentally uploaded as opposed to the fifth colour page. Oops. So set your calander! DitLoaC is coming back! And now I'm going to bed since I just did 13 pages over the course of four days. My hands hurt, and my eyes are fuzzy.
Also the character bio section should be updated, and cleaned up before Monday, with new pictures!

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's coming....

No, seriously. This time I'm serious.
I'll be returning to the original three-days a week update schedule by the first week of November. I would love to get it started by the end of October, but I want to get a nice healthy buffer set up whilest I still can.
All of those who wished to be notified, I will do my best to fulfill your request, even though I'm a little unsure ow to go about snagging email addresses from the blog comments.
It's because of all of you guys that it came back. Thank you reading, and not wanting it to end. I love exach and everyone one of my readers, you're all very special. Thank you.

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