Friday, July 25, 2008

Donation button works againb

So now if you scroll over mini-me, you'll notice yer cursor changes.
I got my doll, so I had shut it down, but left the pic up, as I couldn't think of anything to fill that spot on the menu. I guess it worked out for the best. I'll replace it with a cuter Mini-Mineka sometime in the week when I turn on my art computer.
But anyway, it's back up cause I'm going to work on the two DitLoaC projects, even if I'm the only one who ends up seeing them.
I'm actually gonna go curl up with my booklet and listen to Nightwish numerous times so I can get the timings down for the MV.
I did start on the storyboard for date comic, and all I have to say is: Yitsana.... you are the embodiement of all silly self-conscous girls everywhere. I do feel bad for her, her amazing wonderful date is gonna come off looking more like an episode from the Ghostbusters cartoon >_<

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Want to know....

So, Otakon is coming up, and I guess I'm the only one who reads DitLoaC who's going.
But, anyway. I was wondering:
I'm working on a full colour 24-page comic of Yitsana going on a date (can you guess who with?) as well as a ten minute music video (of sorts) of Yit and Lit visiting Sara's home in the country to Nightwish's song Beuty of the Beast.
I was wondering if people would be willing to donate to get these up on the site? If I can get fifty dollars in donations, I'll put the 24-page date comic up in the fanart pages (or put it in before/after the week of colours, and just have three-solid weeks of daily updates, up to you guys).
I'm still working on how much the video might be worth. But as opposed to the donation incentives last time I wanted money (I'm so greedy T_T), when I hit the quota, it'll be a present for all readers.

So what do you guys think? Should I work on both projects, or not even bother?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Because we promote our friends

My friend Kitty (no, that's not her real name) has just started her webcomic, it's called "Amateur Heroes", and is currently on page two. It has some.... less then happy language? in it. So it's T+ in my book at the moment. I'd think if yer old enough to get away with reading DitLoaC (in all it's Lit-raciness) you can likely read this.

I'll be putting a banner up on the links page when I get one.
As of right now, the pages are in grey-tones. Not to be confused with greyscale. Where as DitLoaC is grey scale (me and my love of screen tones >_<) her's seems like it's full colour and then she hit the greyscale button in adobe. For those who know what that means, go out and play, you spend to much time on your computer!

So, go and read it! I have no idea what it's about, it updates once a week, on Mondays, and is by a very kooky girl. We can all discuss it in the DitLoaC forums!...... if the forums ever gets more then three readers -_-

I'll be quiet now!

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