Monday, June 30, 2008

Otakon Aug. 8th-10th

Otakon is coming up at the beginning of August, and I didn't think I would be going. But due to circumstances, I now have the funds available to attend.
So for anyone interested, I will be at Otakon 2008 this year! Okay..... well, I still might NOT be, but 75% chance I WILL be there. I won't, of course, be in the artists alley. But I'll be around for anyone else who feels like getting a personal scetch or just chatting.
Just thought I'd drop you all a line. There's also an Otakon thread in the DitLoaC forums for anyone else who is planning on attending!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

For all those interested.....

Rememeber me pestering everyone about donations? About the doll?
Yea, SHE CAME TODAY!..... well, I guess techniquelly yesterday. I spent five hours doing her face-up (make-up, but because the dolls don't have 'faces' we call em face-ups) I'm still working on weaving her wig. It's a long pain in the arse project, for those familiar with latch hook rugs, that's how I'm making her wig. So I can style it any way I want without worrying about wefts showing.
Anyway, she has her own LJ account, Purple_Seraphyn for anyone who belongs to LJ and wants to add her (I'm such a dork. I freely admit this, however because of some of the shots involving painting her body. You MUST be 18 and over, and trust me I will have you prove it to me.)
For anyone curious as to what she looks like, these were the two uber quick pages I put together in regards to her box opening:
Page One
Page Two

and Here's two shots of her face so you can see what she looks like:
Shot One
Shot Two

I love her, but that's just me. Thank you everyone who helped me to add her to my house hold. She's going to get spoiled with lots of clothes (although making doll clothes is more annoying then human clothes, cause humans can squeeze into stuff... dolls can not. Nyarg.) And I promise to get back to work on DitLoaC so there won't be any gaps or delays in the comic! Wheee! I've almost story boarded to the end of chapter five....... I'll shut up now.

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