Monday, May 21, 2007


In new DitLoaC news, the archive has been cleaned. I was kinda depressed no one opted to save Lit's dream sequence. Oh well.
I just wanted to bring attention to the new way of doing eyes. If you go to the timeline, and look at some of the FOR b&w pages, you'll notice that I used to do this. It makes me very happy, with the aide of my new quill pens (well, not so new now), and a trick in adobe, that I can once again put that kind of detail into the eyes.
I hope you all enjoy it, since it secretly makes me happy. Not to mention, brings a bit more life to the characters. Evidently I also learned how to add details to my jeans. This page truly is, a stepping stone, at least to me.
*smiles* Thank you for reading this!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I've made a pause in my cosplay to sit in front of my computer, and I'm finally going to take the advice I was offerend. Next Saturday (the 19th) I'll be cleaning out the archive. Which means, any and all comics that aren't part of the story (i.e.-the first three comics, and all Saturday pages.) will be tossed. If there are any comics that'll be getting tossed, that you think should be saved and put into the misc. art section of the site; please let me know so I don't heedlessly toss something others found amusing.

Also, I've noticed my shoutbox has been on the fritz more often then I'd like. So ther SHOULD be a new model/version up there in the next couple of days. So that you're not wondering whether you'll be able to post yer thoughts today or not.

In regards to the comics that are going to be axed: Please, give exact dates (it'll be those six numbers at the end of the address), and you can post them either here, or hopefully in the SB as well. All comics with precise dates will be saved. But I won't be saving all of em. It's up to you guys to tell me which ones are worth saving from the trash bin, and which aren't.

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