Thursday, August 23, 2007

So you may have noticed

What the hell is that comic doing on DitLoaC would likely be your first question, followed quickly by why does that look so familiar.
Well, I'll get to the first in a moment, it might look familiar because I blatantly swiped the CAD (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) layout. Why? It's a good layout, it's simple, but pretty, and suits DitLoaCs next phase.
Now, with that said, what is it doing up on DitLoaC? I don't, at present, have the time to work on DitLoaC as I have. Which is to say, I can't draw the pages, then tweak them on the computer. It's very time consuming when you have studying and a job both competeing for your time. However, I love comics and I find that my life is rather colourless if I'm not at least working on a comic of some sorts. Which is why I'll be using this layout for a bit. I promise in some form or other I WILL finish the original DitLoaC comic.
But as it stands I can't work on it and get the updates done on time, so the hiatus on the original DitLoaC is still on, in the mean time, please look foreward to meeting Jack (the girl with the sign), Leena (a blonde with a pet duck), and Kira (a goth who wants to kill everyone who has a cape-wearing hamster). No gurantees when this stage will officially start, I've still got alot of prep work to do, but be assured I will give you something weird to look at occassionally. In the mean time: Anyone who can tell me what this comic is based off of gets points (hint: There ARE two answers, either one is acceptable.)
Right, that's all for now........ man I REALLY should get rid of that other shoutbox on the comments page, shouldn't I?

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